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At the core of learning we must couragously face the unknown and seek to discover.


My hope is to create a safe and inspiring environment where people can make mistakes, explore and learn at your own pace. With the challenges that come with learning an instrument comes the gratification of reaching your goals and making beautiful music, and the delight of doing something you are passionate about. Musical expression expands your vision of the world and enriches your whole life. It builds your confidence and allows you to discover a new part of yourself. 


Imagination, venturing beyond the classics, and staying in tune with your heart.


If you choose, you will be given the opportunity to learn to transcribe your favorite unpublished songs by ear and learn them on the cello. Music is personal. I encourage my students to find the music that inspires them. I am here to open your ears to a grand pallet of musical possibilities from the great classics to the wild and the new! My emphasis is on staying in tune with your heart, your voice and your emotional intelligence. My goal is to connect deeply with each of my students and cater to the mirad of individual needs and learning styles. 


Respecting the past while welcoming in the future.


I offer a diverse background that includes techniques, methodology and approaches to the instrument passed down from 1st and 2nd generations of some of today's great masters. It is my belief that with each generation comes exciting new possibilities and avenues for the evolution of the instrument and its repertoire. 


“Your only prerequisites are to have an open mind, be prepared to think off of the page, and be ready to be inspired, empowered, and to explore the cello, your creativity and imagination beyond your wildest dreams." 

Music with a mission

In addition to sharing my passion for the cello with cellists of all ages, I also love writing inspiring and soulful music featuring the cello. You can learn more about my composition work at




My Cello Teaching Philosophy


I work with cellists of all levels, backgrounds and ages. My musical journey started at a very early age. At some point along the way I realized that sharing my passion for the instrument and guiding other cellists was something that spoke to me deeply. Over the past 13 years I have been nurturing the unique musical spark in others and helping guide cellists from all walks of life. At my core I am inspired by a wide range of musical styles and genres and love to explore the interconnectedness in all music. I believe that everybody has the capacity to tap into a deep well of creativity within themselves and discover their own unique musical voice. I love to meet new students and help unlock their creativity and expression. We are living in a new era for cellists all over the world. With the ever expanding repertoire, the limitations of sticking to only one genre or mode of learning has broken down. My years of classical training and study has allowed me to adapt functional cello technique to a broad range of genres and approaches to learning the instrument and restore a sense of freedom that is so vital to the learning process.


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