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My Cello Student Reviews...

"Shaun has an intelligent, communicative and understanding approach to the technical and physical challenges in his teaching of the cello. He is a wonderful artist and performer in his own right. I am convinced that students, of any age, would be enthralled and motivated with his instruction."

Judith Glyde

Professor, Cello & Chamber Music Chair,

String Faculty University of Colorado College of Music


"Enter with cello... exit with deeper sense of self... "I laugh, life is joyous... It must be a lesson day with Shaun.I am emotionally moved.... Shaun must have showed me how to play some passage on his cello.I am stretching my abilities and techniques, beyond what I thought possible...Shaun is a master at integrating the technical aspects of cello, with the voice and musicality.Any type of music from classical, jazz, or improve, is another excuse for fun.I am an older student, returning to the cello after a 25 year break.I feel like I have come home!


- Lori Dickerson, Boulder, CO

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Shaun is a great teacher! As an adult beginner, he is helping me to build the necessary technical foundation to explore all genres of the cello repertoire. He takes care to adapt his approach to suit my personality and encourages me to express something unique to me in my playing. The lessons are both fun and challenging, and I would recommend him to students of any age or ability.


- Hannah, Denver, CO

Shaun brings his passion for music and life to every lesson. He has proven himself patient, kind and encouraging with my mistakes. He took the time to get to know me as a cellist, my musical interests, and tailors our time to what I need as a musician and not just one teaching doctrine. If you have ever thought about learning the cello or looking for a new teacher I would highly recommend him!


- James, Denver, CO


"Shaun is an amazing teacher and mentor."I can hardly believe how lucky we are to have Shaun as a cello teacher for my son, Marinus. While Shaun is always friendly and gentle, he sets high yet reasonable musical and technical standards. He has a unique ability to engage my son while creating a learning environment that encourages Marinus to tap into his own innate learning process. He gently guides and shows Marinus the way through example allowing the natural learning process, curiosity, and passion for music in my son to take precedence. As a result the process is fun, natural and exciting, allowing Marinus to be himself, own his accomplishments every step of the way and feel empowered with each step he takes. Marinus loves his lessons, and it is a great pleasure to watch his energy and enthusiasm unfold while he is studying with Shaun. Being a composer as well, lessons take place in the vicinity of a state of the art recording studio. He is exposed not only to classical music but to different musical styles, cultures and instruments. And beyond all this, Shaun truly is a great mentor and role model for my son, an inspiration and a teacher who is definitely making a difference in Marinus' life!


- Franziska Feicht, Boulder, CO


My 16 year old daughter has studied cello for over 6 years. The last 1-1/2 years has been with Shaun Paul. Shaun has without a doubt nurtured my daughter to bring her cello playing to a higher level. He has a calm yet devoted approach in his teaching. He is serious and knowledgeable, enforcing the development of proper technique. Just as often, he emphasizes the importance of finding her love in the music, developing artistry skills, musicality and her passion for her cello playing. He is conscientious of her challenges and honest with his critique of her playing, yet allows her to discover her own unique voice. A recent comment of my daughter's was, "my tone and abilities have improved more in the past 1-1/2 years than in any of my other years..." Shaun seems to have endless positive energy and his enthusiasm greets us with each lesson. His passion and love of music is obvious and much appreciated. He sincerely gets the highest recommendations from us.


-Rita Fargo, Seattle, WA


Shaun Paul is a great teacher. He has the ability to teach in different styles and manners to complement the student. He also has a great love of the instrument which in my opinion is of the utmost value in a teacher!I would recomend him to anyone from a begining student to the advanced. I am very happy with the level of professionalism that Shaun displays! I am sure that you will find the same!


-Shane Holdridge, Boulder, CO

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